Inspiration, Public Speaking and Coaching

"The standard algorithm in mountaineering implies the following order of priorities:
1. Get back home,
2. Get back home healthy,
3. Bring your companions home,
4. Reach the summit"

- Horia Colibasanu
Horia became a source of inspiration and ambition both for climbers and young people in Romania after his conquering of K2.

Every time he returns from an expedition, Horia talks to an audience of passionate climbers, students, journalists and business partners. He shares what he has learnt and his secrets about risks, teamwork, struggle, decisions and survival in the death-zone.

Horia believes that the life-zone, where we live our ordinary, safe and routine existence, is sometimes tougher than the death-zone, where extreme danger is a way of living.

"We don't go there to die, but to sense the true, unspoiled life. Death becomes nothing but a tool for living life in its perfection. Those people who think of death with wisdom and who handle the evil with a smile on their faces, down here, in the life-zone, well, those people hold the key to a brighter and happier life."

In time, executive leaders and entrepreneurs approached Horia for private coaching sessions, to learn new techniques for risk management, teamwork, crisis communication, decision-making and leadership.

As football coach of Barcelona, Josep Guardiola once used Colibasanu's rescue attempt in Annapurna, when Horia spent 72 hours in the Death Zone to take care of his stricken comrade Inaki, as a motivating story to encourage his players before a crucial match.

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