Horia is no amateur in high mountains despite his young age. He had a great school, a great teacher and accomplished many difficult ascents on the world's highest peaks.
He encountered many dramatic and sad moments during his expeditions, which make even the most ambitious climbers humble, modest and responsible for themselves and others.
Horia has become a skilled and experienced high altitude climber with a youngster's enthusiasm, balanced and sober ambitions and courageous plans for the future.
Considering his background, he is the climbing partner you can rely upon.

Peter HÁMOR (SlovaKia)

The first mountaineer in the world to climb Annapurna, a most dangerous 8,000m peak, from both sides. One of Peter's successful attempts on Annapurna was a new route.

Edurne PASABAN (Spain)

The first woman in the world to climb all the 8,000m mountains, in 2010.

Whenever I am asked about what a good climber needs to have in order to climb eight-thousanders, I always give the same answer: of course, he or she needs to be a good climber, technical and with a deep knowledge about the environment where he or she is. To make it short: a great professional.
Without any doubt, Horia is one of those great professionals.
One of the most important qualities that a climber needs to have is to be a good person.
All these are personified in Horia: he is a great professional climber, a great person and an incredible climbing partner. And these are what make of him a great climber.

In the Himalayas, there are some professional climbers. But there is one specific person, who looks like a professional, but is a real civil man.
The many expeditions that he attended on 8000-meter mountains give him the image of a positive mountaineer, with high results in the Death-Zone. This is the dentist Horia Colibasanu.
We can never forget the coldest days on Annapurna with Inaki Ochoa... Horia gave much attention, as a medical specialist, for anybody. And he always found some words to support us, and to give hope for everybody.
After the death of Alexey Bolotov, our long-time friend and my partner, on Everest, I was so exhausted! Horia's optimism in the Everest base-camp was of much help. Thank you!
The young generation can follow Horia, as a model for high-altitude climbing. The youth can follow his example: how to choose the team, the weather for the summit-push and how to behave as a mountaineer. Timisoara can be honored to have Horia as a citizen.

Denis URUBKO (Kazakhstan)

Denis opened multiple new routes on several 8,000-meter mountains. He was the 15th person in the world to be atop of all the fourteen 8,000m peaks, in 2009.

Elizabeth HAWLEY (Nepal)

Miss Hawley is the "unrivalled Himalayan record keeper", according to BBC. The former journalist, who has been living in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, since 1960, is "part investigator, part librarian, and has the reputation of being a formidable, sharp-tongued judge".
(Photo: www.russianclimb.com)

I have always been very happy to meet Horia Colibasanu when he came to Nepal to climb the huge Himalaya. He was very helpful to me: once, when there was a general strike enforced by the Maoist party in Kathmandu in May 2010, and I could not reach his hotel in my car, he very kindly took the trouble to walk to my home/office so that he could tell me about the international Annapurna expedition he had just returned from, and he sketched for me the several lines members of his team had taken to the top.
On another climb of Annapurna, two years earlier, he put his own life at grave risk by staying with his critically ill teammate, Inaki Ochoa, while he himself was becoming seriously ill from the very high altitude they had reached on the East Ridge. He waited while a Swiss climber, Ueli Steck, hurried up the mountain to come to Ochoa's rescue; Colibasanu's own condition continued to deteriorate while he broke trail along the ridge in the new snow for Steck, and at last, when Steck joined Colibasanu, he could save his own life by descending immediately to lower altitudes. (Ochoa was barely alive when Steck reached him on 22 May at 4:00 p.m. and died at about midday the next day).